New Programming

All new seasonal programming will be posted here. This page will be updated with our new programming as it becomes available.


YELLOW BALL: Ages 15+:

Yellow Ball is a seasonal tennis class for those who are not participating in school tennis teams. This instructional class continues to train the player on strokes and technique, but also places them into live points, drills, games, and matches designed to move them into team matchplay. The class is ages 15 and up.

NEW Dates for Adult Tennis Clinics:

Our popular adult tennis clinics are gearing up for their spring sessions, and new dates are now available! The Spring 1 Session will be beginning mid-March.


Bombers Spring Dates:

Spring dates for our Baby Bombers and Little Bombers Big League Clinics are officially out! The spring session will begin March 13th and end April 17th. Baby Bombers is a class aimed at ages 4 & under, while Little Bombers Big League is intended for ages 4 through 7.


Drop-In Fit Power Hour:

Want to try a program at the Shrewsbury Club but you’re unsure about committing? Join us for our Drop-In Fit Power Hour, an hour-long session with our Personal Trainers that takes advantage of our entire facility! The class is no-commitment—just a $25 fee per session. It’s an instructed, carefully planned workout that will take you from our Group Ex room to the Forge and upstairs! Perfect for all levels of fitness.

*Minimum 3 people required for the class to run.

Shrewsbury S.T.R.O.N.G:

Social. Tactical. Repeatable. Optimal. Nutritional. Guidance.

Fitness Director Bryan Whynot and Personal Trainer Claire Pazzani are pleased to announce Shrewsbury S.T.R.O.N.G, a program designed for those looking to improve or maintain their current fitness journey. Join Claire for intermediate programming tailored to your group, with a focus on constant improvement! This class runs 2x a week for a total of 12 weeks.


A+ Karate:

Our Martial Arts Director Sarah Corey is pleased to announce the introduction of our A+ Karate class! This new program caters to children who exhibit neurodiversity, particularly those with level 1 ASD, along with individuals diagnosed with other mild forms of neurodivergence. The class size will remain intentionally small, with potential for additional slots based on demand. Each session will run for approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

Kids Self-Defense:

Come to learn basic self-defense and life skills! These classes will run in four-week sessions, which will culminate with a special confidence-building board-breaking activity. Ages 4-15.

Ladies Self-Defense:

This is a great 1.5 hour seminar geared to Ladies looking for some simple yet effective self-defense techniques. This seminar will focus 50% on risk awareness/avoidance and 50% on physical defense strategies to get out of some more likely situations. Ages 16+.*
*16-17 year olds MUST be accompanied by a registered adult.


Ninja Gymnastics:

Introducing Ninja Gymnastics, a fun, obstacle-based athletic/gymnastics program for kids! Improves flexibility, increases agility and balance, strengthens core and improves focus. Classes will be divided into age groups & coached through our NINJA course by our instructors and a certified personal trainer. A great introduction to FUN cardio & exercise, for a healthier, happier kiddo! Ages 4 through 12.



Junior Soccer now has a class available at 12:30 PM on Saturdays! This class is ages 6 through 12 and is a skills and drills class.


Both Bitty Basketball and Beginner Basketball are now offering additional times!
Bitty Basketball will now be running at 11:45 AM on Saturdays, in addition to the 11:00 AM class. This class is ages 3 through 5.
Beginner Basketball will be running at 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM on Saturdays. This class is ages 6-15.
Both classes are skills and drills classes.

All Sports:

Our All Sports class for tots has gained an additional time on Saturdays! Families can now bring their children to an 11:15 AM session in addition to the 10:30 AM session on Saturdays. This class is ages 3 through 5 and is designed to give your child exposure to all the sports the Shrewsbury Club has to offer!


Our CIT or Counselor-in-Training Camps are designed for those interested in becoming a camp counselor or babysitter. This program is for ages 12 through 14. Students will work in small groups and learn how to create activities, implement them, and work on behavior management. The biggest differentiator of our CIT camp is that our CITs may earn a Red Cross Babysitter with CPR/First Aid/AED certification!