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We focus on the core principles of respect, discipline, honesty, courtesy and integrity.

School Year Registration
Sept – June; Monthly Payment
All make up classes approved by Director.

Little Dragons (Ages 3 – 5)

The basics of balance, coordination, cooperation, kicking, punching and blocking are taught as well as some basic life skills; stranger awareness, fire safety, out and about safety, bike safety, etc. This program is a great complement to any preschool education that a child may be getting or a great prelude to any early childhood education.

MEMBER – $69/mon
NON-MEMBER – $120/mon

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Daytime Family (Ages 7 & under)

All ranks train together in this class. Geared for the family looking to train together and homeschooled students.

MEMBER – $75/mon
NON-MEMBER – $123/mon

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Tiny Tigers (Ages 6 – 8)

All ranks train together from White Belt through Tiny Tiger Gold Belt. Gold Belts can be promoted to our Karate Kids class at the rank of full Yellow Belt. The emphasis in these classes is put on self-control, self-discipline, and our core values of respect, honesty, courtesy and perseverance.

MEMBER – $79/mon
NON-MEMBER – $127/mon

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Karate Kids (Ages 8 – 12)

Our goal in these classes is to introduce our new students to our core values all while learning the basic techniques of martial arts and improving their general physical fitness level. Our goal for the upper belt students is to emphasize confidence building with our sparring drills and to expand the student’s knowledge of martial arts techniques and their self-defense applications.

MEMBER – $79/mon
NON-MEMBER – $127/mon

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Teen/Adult Karate (Ages 13+)

These classes are for 15 years old and up. Students of all ranks from White Belt to Black Belt train together. We find the combination of teen energy and adult maturity a great formula for exciting and energizing classes. The mixture of belt ranks also allows a White Belt to be paired with an upper-level belt so they can acquire the tools needed for improved confidence and self-defense as quickly as possible.

MEMBER – $85/mon
NON-MEMBER – $132/mon

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Competition Team

Included in Monthly tuition:

up to 3 regular classes per month

2 semi-private/private lessons per month

1 team class per week (Tuesday 6:00pm or Thursday 7:15pm)

1 special lesson per month

Either Kicks and Tricks OR Weapons class once a week

For students already enrolled in Karate classes. All ranks and all ages who are interested in exploring the sport of Competitive Sport Karate can register for this class. Students will work towards competing in local competitions as a team. *Competition equipment and uniform fees not included. 45-minute class.

MEMBER – $250/mon
NON-MEMBER – $350/mon

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Black Belt Club

(Must also be registered in a regular class)

This is for our members who are dedicated to achieving their Black Belt. Membership in our Club classes requires the minimum rank of Orange Belt but more importantly a desire to become a leader within our school as well as in the community. This club is for those wishing to learn martial arts weaponry and techniques outside of our basic curriculum to enhance their martial arts experience. These club members are also invited to assist in teaching classes as well as perform in demonstrations and special events that highlight our program.

MEMBER – $50/mon
NON-MEMBER – $107/mon

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Kicks and Tricks Class

(Must also be registered in a regular class)

This class combines elements from martial arts and gymnastics, with an emphasis on showmanship to help take your training to the next level!

MEMBER – $50/mon
NON-MEMBER – $107/mon

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Black Belt’s Only Class

(Must also enroll in the Teen/Adult class preceding)

For those who have achieved a black belt in our style or any other style. Black belts in TAMA are all allowed to register, Black Belts from outside styles must make an appointment with the director to see if our class is a good fit prior to registration. These are accepted at the director’s discretion.
*This class will meet every other week
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Special Events


A fun karate event learning to use nunchakus with glow-in-the-dark light-up ones! All levels beginner to advanced students & nonstudents invited to bring friends too!

Member – $25/day
Non-Member – $35/day

Light Saber Night

A fun karate event learning to use swords with glow-in-the-dark light sabers!

Member – $35/day
Non-Member – $45/day

Ladies’ Self Defense Seminar

Day (choose one) Time
12/2/2312:00pm – 1:30pm
12/12/236:00pm – 7:30pm
Age 18+ (16+ with participating guardian)

A seminar designed for those wanting to just focus on street self-defense and situational self-defense. During these classes, we will focus on risk awareness, risk reduction as well as physical defense techniques. This class will help ladies gain more self-confidence and the empowerment to help themselves avoid or get out of bad situations!