The Shrewsbury Club is an industry leader in indoor baseball development programs. With an impressive staff of baseball professionals, The Shrewsbury Club has assembled some of the most premier baseball development programs that will improve baseball instincts, skill, and ability for those enrolled. Players looking for the top development in baseball will have plenty of options between player evaluations, private instructions, small group academies, program academies, and performance training.

Contact Kelly Rooney or call 774 214 3024

Spring Session: March 13th – April 17th

Baby Bombers (Ages 4 & under)

Baby Bombers is a great way to expose the youngest player to the game. During this class, we will work on the hand and eye coordination required to play baseball as well as the very basics of base running, catching, throwing and fielding.

Member – $64/mon
Non-Member – $119/mon

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Little Bombers Big League (Ages 4-7)

The class teaches baseball fundamentals such as hitting, fielding, (outfield and infield) throwing mechanics, catching, pitching and base running, in a skills and drills type format.

Member – $195/PIF
Non-Member – $195/PIF

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Clinics (Ages 9-13)

These clinics are designed to further every player’s understanding of the game of baseball by breaking down each discipline. All of our 5 clinics will devote some time to practicing hitting fundamentals in addition to the main focus area.

Elite Fielding

Teaches players not only the basic principles of fielding, but advanced fundamentals essential to becoming an elite infielder. We provide players with the proper tools to improve this aspect of their game and take it to the next level.

Member – $480/PIF
Non-Member – $480/PIF

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Elite Hitting

Clinic goes beyond the simple mechanics of hitting. The goal is to present players with an opportunity to advance hitting approaches and techniques, while also incorporating the often-over-looked mental side of hitting. Areas of focus include but aren’t limited to balance, stride, separation, timing, off-speed approach, mental prep and situational training. 

Member – $480/PIF
Non-Member – $480/PIF

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Elite Pitchers

Players will receive general group instruction, one-on-one individualized coaching, and also learn from other pitchers. We address each athlete’s particular needs to help them improve without taking away what makes them unique as a pitcher. They will receive specialized training on specific techniques and methods in our pitching program such as understanding and creating a simple, repeatable delivery through various drills and skill work.

Member – $480/PIF
Non-Member – $480/PIF

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Elite Catchers

This catcher’s clinic focuses on the basic fundamentals of catching. We teach players how to properly set up in their primary stance as well as secondary stance along with glove positioning and receiving techniques.  We teach proper blocking technique, proper arm slot when throwing to bases and much more. This clinic will turn your player into the complete catcher. 

Member – $480/PIF
Non-Member – $480/PIF

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Hit Trax League

Hit Trax is here!

8 Week League
starting October 23rd,

*9th week will be playoffs

Each Division will consist of 8 teams with a minimum of 6 players per team. 

Mondays: High School Division

Tuesdays: High School Division

Wednesdays: 13-14u

Thursdays: 9-10u

Fridays: 11-12u

Each week will consist of 1 doubleheader (2, 30 min or 7 inning games, whatever comes first) 

ONLY $199 per player


Baseball Programming Policies

All programs require a minimum of 3 participants to run. If there is not sufficient enrollment, semi-private and private lessons are available.

Makeup Policy

The Shrewsbury Club has a no make-up policy with the following exceptions: classes canceled by The Club due to weather or inability to operate or instructor illness. There will be no makeup for classes missed because of conflicting schedules or illnesses.

Youth Baseball Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in our Baseball program at The Shrewsbury Club. Please fill out the form below to request information about our baseball clinics, private lessons and our Runbirds Travel Baseball Teams.