Fitness Programming

Our specialty fitness programs are the best bang for the buck in fitness! Our introductory programs will introduce you to a healthy way of life, gently and with guidance every step of the way. Our intermediate and advanced programs will give you a fitness challenge every session.

All Shrewsbury Club Fitness Programs are created and instructed by our staff of highly qualified and certified personal trainers.

We have programs geared towards all levels of physical fitness to help you no matter where you are on your fitness journey. From those taking their first steps, to those who are already off and running; we have a program for you!

Email or call us at (774) 214-3023 for more information.

90-Day Transformation Challenge

The best, most comprehensive 12 week wellness program available. Includes cardio training, weight training, functional and body weight training & nutritional guidance and support.

Transformation Challenge includes:

  • Weekly weigh ins to keep you accountable to your personal goals
  • Regular caliper measurements because it’s not all about weight
  • Weekly, fun, group Personal Training session with your new friends, run by our Certified Personal Trainers
  • Weekly nutritional counselling with meal suggestions and health choice guidelines
  • Email and online support from your assigned personal trainer
  • Prizes for greatest weight loss, most improved wellness, and most supportive teammate

Transformation Challenge gives the uninitiated and deconditioned the best possible start or return to a healthy way of life. If you follow this program we can transform your health and wellness together!

Transformation Challenge is a full course introductory program for deconditioned, beginner, and members or guests with preexisting injuries or conditions.

Tread N Shred

Blast away body fat, improve your cardio vascular health, get faster and gain more endurance! Make your treadmill session fun again, with games and activities in a group setting!

Tread N Shred is a 45 min fun class that meets twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, with new sessions starting every 4 weeks.

Tread N Shred is for beginner and intermediate fitness level members, no running experience necessary to participate! Get Shredded on the Treads with our trainers.

Turf Wars

Are you ready to enter the arena of Turf Wars!

Turf Wars is a Small Team Boot Camp style workout, created and supervised by our Certified Personal Trainers. Turf Wars takes place on our huge indoor turf field. Push your body to the limits doing sled pushes and pulls, tire flipping, rope slamming and so much more. This is always a challenging all over body workout.

Turf Wars is for intermediate to advanced fitness level members and their guests.

Express Fit

Express Fit is a 45 minute high intensity, high volume, little rest, blast!

This circuit training program incorporates, weights, cardio, machines, and functional training. Each station is timed and rest periods are short.

Express Fit can be for any level of fitness, beginner, intermediate, or advanced.