Personal Training

Pam Riddle

With over 25 years of fitness experience under her belt, Pam has worked with athletes of all ages and abilities. She is most recently known as the head coach of the now closed CrossFit 1727. In addition to experience as a group fitness instructor, CrossFit Coach and personal trainer, Pam also has a background in sports medicine as a Certified Athletic Trainer. Her passion lies in injury prevention through yoga and mobility.

Nothing beats the assurance, motivation and results you get from one-on-one Personal Training! Our experienced trainers will help you reach your goals in the quickest, most efficient and safest way possible. Members receive a complimentary fitness consultation, a $30.00 value.

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In the initial meeting, personal goals will be discussed along with exercise history. Our rates vary depending on the number of hours a member decides to train per week. We offer both hour and half-hour sessions. All members are encouraged to book their complimentary assessment and session today at the front desk!

Email or call us at (774) 214-3023 for more information.

Personal Training Member Rates

Prices shown in parenthesis are per person per session.

30 Minute SessionsMembersNon-Members
Single Session$65.00$80.00
6 Pack$342.00 ($57)$432 ($72)
12 Pack$660.00 ($55)$840.00 ($70)
24 Pack$1,248.00 ($52)$1,608.00 ($67)
36 Pack$1,800.00 ($50)$2,340.00 ($65)
60 Minute SessionsMembersNon-Members
Single Session$83.00$98
6 Pack$480.00 ($80)$570.00 ($95)
12 Pack$936.00 ($78)$1,116.00 ($93)
24 Pack$1,824.00 ($76)$2,184.00 ($91)
36 Pack$2,664.00 ($74)$3,204.00 ($89)

Monthly EFT

30 Minute SessionsMembersNon-Members
1 per Week$208.00/mo ($48)$273.00/mo ($63)
2 per Week$407.33/mo ($47)$537.33/mo ($62)
3 per Week$585/mo ($45)$780.00/mo ($60)
60 Minute SessionsMembersNon-Members
1 per Week$312.00/mo ($72)$377.00/mo ($87)
2 per Week$615.33/mo ($71)$745.33/mo ($86)
3 per Week$910.00/mo ($70)$1,105.00/mo ($85)

Semi-Private Training Member Rates

Prices shown in parenthesis are per person per session

60 Minute SessionsMembersNon-Members
6 Pack$348.00 ($58)$438.00 ($73)
12 Pack$672.00 ($56)$852.00 ($71)
24 Pack$1,296.00 ($54)$1,656.00 ($69)
36 Pack$1,872.00 ($52)$2,412.00 ($67)

Monthly EFT

Prices shown are per person per month

60 Minute SessionsMembersNon-Members
1 per Week$216.66/mo ($50)$281.66/mo ($65)
2 per Week$424.66/mo ($49)$554.66/mo ($64)
3 per Week$624.00/mo ($48)$819.00/mo ($63)