Racquetball Courts  

The Shrewsbury club offers 2 Racquetball courts. Courts are free for all full club members. You can use the court for $20 as a non-member.  

Racquetball League 

The Racquetball league runs from September – December and January –March (2 League Sessions 12 Weeks Each)  

Members pay $60 per Session  

Non-Members have 2 options  

  1. Pay $150 per Session gives you access to 1 scheduled league match per week for 12 weeks. $12 if you would like to use the courts as practice  
  1. Racquetball League Unlimited – Only offered for Racquetball League Participants. $60 a month September – March (7 Months) Gives access to league matches. Free court time outside of matches (Is not a full club membership)  

Please email Ben Dale at Bend@shrewsburyclub.com or Call (774) 214 – 3026.