Private Tennis Instruction

Looking to up your tennis game? Our tennis pros offer private tennis lessons, scheduled at your convenience. Private lessons are available in 60 minute sessions and 30 minute sessions for anyone under the age of 7. Semi-Private lessons are available in 60 or 90 minute sessions.

Contact Nathan Lookwhy at (774) 214-3028 or
by email at for more information or to schedule your lesson!

Private Lessons

Private Lesson$89$119
6 Pack Priv. Lessons$522$702
12 Pack Priv. Lessons$1,020$1,380
24 Pack Priv. Lessons$1,920$2,712
EFT 1x/week Priv. Lessons$331/mo$470/mo
EFT 2x/week Priv. Lessons$644/mo$924/mo

Semi-Private Lessons

60 MinutesMembersNon-Members
Semi-Private$50 pp$65 pp
6 Pack Semi-Private$288 pp$378 pp
12 Pack Semi-Private$552 pp$732 pp
24 Pack Semi-Private$1,056 pp$1,416 pp
EFT 1x/week Semi-Private$178/mo/pp$242/mo/pp
EFT 2x/week Semi-Private$356/mo/pp$466/mo/pp
90 MinutesMembersNon-Members
Semi-Private$68.00 pp$98 pp
6 Pack Semi-Private$396 pp$576 pp
12 Pack Semi-Private$768 pp$1,128 pp
24 Pack Semi-Private$1,448 pp$2,208 pp
EFT 1x/week Semi-Private$255/mo/pp$382/mo/pp
EFT 2x/week Semi-Private $492/mo/pp$746/mo/pp

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