Gymnastics Coaches

Our very friendly and knowledgeable staff is eager and ready to begin our season. Read on to meet the coaches…

Coach Heather

SEGA Founder
Teaching gymnastics since the age of 14, Heather has extensive knowledge in all aspects of gymnastics. Teaching the child first is what Heather does best. Ranging from the Pre-Team head coach all the way to Optional head coach, Heather can easily go from very basic gymnastics skills to extremely advanced skills. Preparing the younger gymnasts for upper level gymnastics skills can start as early as the pre-team level. This allows those younger athletes to have Heather’s expertise from the very beginning of their gymnastics careers.

Coach Kristi

XCEL Director
A Massachusetts native, Kristi has been teaching gymnastics for over 2 decades. Having a broad range of knowledge is Kristi’s best asset. She has already had multiple roles in her career. From college cheerleading coach, XCEL coach, to pre-school director, to recreational director and now to our XCEL and recreational director, she wears many hats. Being able to teach our baby classes and then transfer right up to team gymnastics is a skill that Kristi has perfected. We are very lucky to have Kristi on our team!

Recreational Coaches

Kali Stout
Gabby Bianchi
Jaya Buradagunta
Maanya Chirtapu