Youth Swim Level Guide

Our swim program is divided into 5 different skill levels. Classes may also be broken up by age, but the skills emphasized in each level remain the same. If you are unsure of you child’s current swim level, please give us a call at (774) 214-3021 or email

We offer classes in both 1-week sessions (4 consecutive days) and 4-week sessions. (1 class per week)

Parent Child

Ages 6 months – 3 years
This class builds swimming readiness by emphasizing fun in the water. Parents and children participate in several guided sessions to help children learn elementary skills which include water entry, bubble blowing, kicking, floating, underwater exploration and more.

Level 1

Ages 3-5 and 5+
Level 1 is designed for the very beginner who is just starting to learn how to swim. This class will focus on pool safety, acclimation to the water and basic arm and leg movements.

Level 2

Ages 3-5 and 5+
Level 2 is designed for swimmers who are just starting to swim on their own, buy may still require some assistance. This class focuses on strengthening swimming ability and introducing the movements/breathing for basic strokes.

Level 3

Ages 5+
Level 3 focuses on refining stroke technique and building endurance. Swimmers in this group must be able to swim on their own without assistance and have a basic understanding of front crawl, back crawl, elementary back stroke and breast stroke.

Level 4

Ages 5+
Level 4 focuses on further stroke refinement and endurance. Swimmers in this group should have a strong understanding of the movements and breathing for front crawl, back crawl, elementary back stroke, breast stroke and side stroke.

Swim Team Prep (Lvl 5)

This class focuses on fine-tuning the 3 major strokes (front-crawl, back stroke and breast stroke) while introducing the butterfly stroke and its subsequent techniques. Swimmers in this group should have advanced knowledge of the breathing, movement and endurance abilities associated with the 3 major strokes.

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