Here at the Shrewsbury Club, we believe swimming is an essential life skill for everyone to learn, kids and adults alike. We offer both private and semi-private swim lessons for adults and children.

Private swim lessons involve one-on-one instruction provided by a swim instructor. These personalized sessions offer tailored guidance based on the individual’s skill level, learning pace, and specific goals. With flexible scheduling, private lessons cater to the convenience of the learner, potentially leading to faster progress. The focused attention helps build confidence, particularly for those anxious about water activities, and ensures a heightened emphasis on safety. Whether addressing basic water safety, refining techniques, or preparing for competitions, private swim lessons provide a more individualized and effective learning experience compared to group settings.

We offer private lessons based on instructor availability. 

Private lessons may be scheduled with our swim instructors by calling (774) 214-3034 or inquiring by email at

Private Lessons

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