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The Shrewsbury Club offers options for all your aciviity needs. Activity Days are designed for the hybrid or homeschool learners who would like some healthy activity time during the day! We have options for every schedule! Sign up for just an hour or sign up for multiple and get a huge savings! Don’t see a permade schedule that suits your needs? email for custom pricing options to better fit your needs!

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Sports Training*
8:15a-9a / 11a-11:45a / 1p-1:45p
Remote Learning Tutoring Help
Remote Learning Tutoring Help
Story Time$56$80
Arts & Crafts / Science Exploration
*Rotates between: Gymnatics, Martial Arts, Tennis and Baseball

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During this crazy unprecedented time of Covid-19 The Shrewsbury Club is here to help!!! 

Perhaps you have decided or the schools have decided for you that school will be “remote” or “Hybrid” or perhaps you have decided to give homeschooling a try this school year….. But then comes the issue….. how will I work…. we have the answer….. Bring them to The Shrewsbury Club! We have our specially designed “Activity” Days to help your child get some much needed physical activity with our sports times and engage their minds with our science exploration times and reading times. Our staff will supervise and assist in a limited fashion during specific tutoring times geared to give the kids a chance to work on their remote learning homework.  

Let us put your mind at ease….. 

Will there be large groups? 

NO… we will have no more than 6 children per 1 staff member 

Where will all this take place? 

We have 28,000 square feet of indoor turf, and 4 full size indoor tennis courts, as well as several other larger spaces within our facility to utilize in order to be able to maintain more than appropriate social distancing.  

What Covid-19 precautions are being taken? 

All of the state and local board of health and CDC guidelines will continue to be followed as they have been since reopening! We REQUIRE face masks to be work whenever traveling into or around the building or are within 6 feet of another non family member. We REQUIRE temperature checks at drop off, and pickup as well as periodically throughout the day. We REQUIRE everyone to use Hand sanitizer or wash their hands in the bathrooms with soap and water upon entry to the building and periodically throughout the day. We also Sanitize all equipment after each use .  All children will be required to bring their own food and drink from home and no sharing will be allowed. This is just some of the basic things we are doing to keep us all safe and healthy!  

When will these days take place? 

The full day takes place from 8am-3pm Monday through Friday, half day takes place from 8a,-11:45am OR 12:30pm-3pm. We also offer signups for single activities. Our “Activity” Days occur when your child is out of school! Beginning 9/14/21. We will offer extended day options for those parents needing an even longer day! Children may be enrolled for just 1 hour or all week all day and everything in between! 

What activities will they do? 

We will offer all of the sports that we specialize in here at the Shrewsbury Club throughout the activity days (Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Tennis and Baseball) we will also offer some soccer, basketball and swim(when available) We plan to facilitate simple science exploration times, reading times, arts and crafts times, and of course time for your children to work on their remote homework during the day if full day or half day is your choice! This is just the beginning f some of the wonderful and engaging programs we will offer during our activity days! 

How do I Enroll and do you offer sibling discounts? 

Yes we offer multi week and sibling discounts so the more days/weeks you sign up for the lower the cost per day is!! If you would like more info or to enroll submit your child’s health form with immunizations and a method of payment to hold their spot. All payments made are non refundable. Payment schedule will be discussed upon enrollment but typically payments will be taken in full for activity days within the following 30 days. Our parent handbook with general policies will be given upon enrollment. To enroll email or call or children’s programming director at 774-214-3030

How old does my child have to be to attend? 

We enroll children as young as 3-16. Please note that we will keep family members in the same group continuing to limit our group sizes to 6 children to a single staff member 

Tell me more about what separates your facility from others. 

We require that all our staff adhere to the same safety standards as our participants requiring them to be cleared to attend by a physician as well as mask wearing and hygiene practices. We also require that ALL staff working with our activity day participants MUST be trained and have an up to date CPR/First Aid/AED certification for both pediatrics and adults and those staff who come to us without this will be trained on site as we are a licensed RED CROSS Training Partner! Our large spaces and specialized staff is truly what sets us apart! 

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