Men’s Softball League

Tuesdays & Wednesdays: November 19 – February 5

New for 2019 on our Full Size Indoor Infield! The first game will start at 8:30pm. 50 minute games or 7 innings, drop dead.

  • 10 game guarantee plus playoffs for top 4 teams
  • 9 v 9 format, roster max of 15
  • 3 Home Run max per game per team
  • If games ends mid inning, score reverts to the beginning of the inning to determine the winner
  • Hitters start with a 1-1 count

$550.00/team (Membership not required)

No team? No problem! Register as a Free Agent: $35.00/member | $55.00/non-member

Team Registration Non-Member Free Agent

** At this time we are currently unable to take Member Free Agent Registrations online.
Please contact Steve Garrity by phone or email to register **

For more information or to register please contact Steve Garrity at or (508) 845-1000