Baseball Clinics: Spring 2019

Little Bombers Big League

One of the longest running baseball programs at The Shrewsbury Club, Little Bombers Big League is for players ages 5-7, that have that special “itch” for baseball. This fun and energetic youth baseball program teaches young players how to play the game, in a fun and challenging way.

The first half of each day focuses on basic fundamental such as hitting, fielding, (outfield and infield) throwing mechanics, catching, pitching and base running; in a skills and drills type format. The second half consists of live game play on our full-size indoor turf field. The group breaks into two teams (red and navy) with our professional coaching staff providing live pitching. We include live pitching because it’s important to teach young players not be afraid of the ball, in a safe and fun environment.

April 3 – May 15, 2019$150.00Wednesday4:30pm-6:00pm
May 22 – June 26, 2019$150.00Wednesday4:30pm-6:00pm


Bombers Big League

Bombers Big League takes the format of Little Bombers to the next level with more advanced skills and drills, while continuing to provide the opportunity for live game play.

April 5 – May 17, 2019$150.00Friday4:45pm-6:15pm
May 24 – June 28, 2019$150.00Friday4:45pm-6:15pm


4 Week Clinics (Gold Glove, Roadrunners, Silver Sluggers)

These clinics are designed to further every player’s understanding of the game of baseball by breaking down each discipline. All of our 4 week clinics will devote some time to practicing hitting fundamentals in addition to the main focus area.

Golden Glove focuses on fielding and teaching players the importance of footwork, range of motion, throwing mechanics, fielding position and other aspects important to this discipline. This clinic also includes some time devoted to practicing hitting fundamentals.

Road Runners focuses on base running fundamentals like secondaries, leads, dirt ball reads, first steps and more. This clinic includes some time devoted to practicing hitting fundamentals.

Silver Sluggers will teach players not only the basic principles of hitting, but advanced fundamentals essential to becoming a consistent hitter. We provide players with the proper tools to improve this aspect of their game and take it to the next level!

Golden GloveTBA Fall 2019$125.00$150.00TBATBA
Road RunnersTBA Fall 2019$125.00$150.00TBATBA
Silver SluggersTBA Fall 2019$125.00$150.00TBATBA

5 Tools Academy

5-Tools Academy explores a little of everything; hitting, (average/power) fielding, (infield/outfield) throwing and catching. Each week incorporates hitting.

TBA Fall 2019$175.00TBATBA

Mash Academy

This academy goes beyond the simple mechanics of hitting. The goal is to present players with an opportunity to advance hitting approaches and techniques, while also incorporating the often over-looked mental side of hitting. Areas of focus include but aren’t limited to: balance, stride, separation, timing, off-speed approach, mental prep and situational training.

TBA Fall 2019$275.00$300.00TBATBA
Mash & Cannons$500.00$550.00

Cannons Academy

This two part program was created to improve arm strength, promote are care and prevent injuries for baseball players; incorporating philosophies used at both the collegiate and professional levels. Cannons introduces daily routines and arm care exercises, core stabilization, cardiovascular exercises and conditioning, and basics of nutrition. The Fall session focuses on preparing athletes’ shoulders and bodies while the Winter session begins the throwing program. While recommended, the Fall session is not required to participate in the Winter session.

TBA Fall 2019$275.00$30.00TBATBA
Cannons & Mash$500.00$550.00

Small Group Academies

Small Group Academies are a terrific choice for players who enjoy a group setting. Academies are set up to include hitting every session. Based on the player’s development plan created during the optional evaluation process, players will be assigned into specific academies such as hitting, fielding, (infield, outfield or both) pitching and catching. Each academy purchase includes 10 one hour sessions.

SessionRate Day(s)Time(s)

Team Performance Training

Every athlete needs and edge. Strength & Conditioning and Speed & Agility are vital for athletes who aspire to compete at their full potential in their sport. The talent pool as increased with specialization of sports at an early age. High School sports have also seen the competition improve as well. No student should miss out on opportunity to play High School, travel or College sports due to a lack of training. Athletes who being resistance and conditioning training at a young age develop their coordination faster than those who don’t. Performance Training provides structure and discipline with guaranteed results. Athletes who enroll in Performance training will begin to learn their own bodies and what they are capable of. They will be provided with a personal workout plan drawn up by their Performance Training coach specific to their needs and based on their sport or sports of interest.

Price per Participant per Session

Strength & Conditioning$200.00$150.00$125.00$100.00
Speed & Agility$200.00$150.00$125.00$100.00

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